How to start / stop using Water Supply & Sewage


We use a free translation service on the Ikeda City Water and Sewerage Department website and translate it into English, Chinese and Korean.Because the automatic translation system translates mechanically, it is not necessarily an accurate translation. Please use it after understanding that.

Procedures for starting, canceling, and changing the name of water and sewerage use

When you start using water and sewerage due to moving in, moving in, etc. In the case of stopping the use of water and sewerage by moving out. If there is a change in the user's name or the billing address due to the death of the owner, etc.


When you start or stop using Water Supply & Sewage, please apply either way of the following.

By telephone (Please talk in Japanese)

From 8:45am to 5:15pm on weekdays.
 telephone number:072-754-6106
General Affairs Division, Water Works and Sewage Department, Ikeda-city.

Time zones other than the above and Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
 telephone number:072-750-6388
Ikeda City Designated Plumbers Association.

On the website:


You can apply on the website only when you start / stop using Water Supply & Sewage after 3 working days (except Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and December 29th to January 3rd) from the next day of application.

If you hurry, or if you have less than 3 working days before you start / stop using, please contact by telephone to Water Works and Sewage Department or Ikeda City Designated Plumbers Association.

Applying on the website is available for 24 hours, however, please understand our service can be out of service temporary for the reason of maintenance and so on.

Request by phone for those who can speak japanese go to ask.


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